I write about archaeology, science, and culture (loosely defined). As an archaeologist, I use animal bones and other artifacts to investigate past human behavior and the interrelationships between people and animals. As a writer, I’m interested in discovering forgotten stories, little oddities, lost histories, and missing links. I like thinking about material culture, whether an ancient stone tool, a historic building, or a modern piece of technology.


The Great 78 Project: Preserving Early Music Recordings

The Great 78 Project protects and preserves both physical and digital copies of early 78 rpm music recordings. Thousands of songs from the early days of recording can be listened to online, like Bob Crosby’s Bob Cats, Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks, Chick Bullock and Levee Loungers, and Dick “Two Ton” Baker and His Music …

In the 1980s, Tom Petty’s Music Videos Could Get a Little Weird

Many of Tom Petty’s music videos in the 1980s were imaginative, visually rich movies that were inspired by earlier literary works. Things get started in 1982 with You Got Lucky, in which the Heartbreakers motor through a presumably postapocalyptic desert and rediscover the boom box and electric guitar. The Mad Max aesthetic is more derivative …