“It takes a monster from outer space, to make my baby want my embrace”

The Diamonds sing about the positive effect of monster movies. The Canadian quartet recorded Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula in 1959. The song was written by Roy Alfred, who also wrote the lyrics for The Hucklebuck, as well as several songs that tried to hop on the rock and roll craze for singers like Kay Starr (The Rock and Roll Waltz), Tennessee Ernie Ford (Rock, Roll, Boogie), and Nat “King” Cole (When Rock and Roll Come to Trinidad).

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Johnny B. Goode’s Story – From His Mother’s Perspective

She remembered taking money out from gathering crop
And buying Johnny’s guitar at a broker shop

In 1958 Chuck Berry wrote the story of Johnny B. Goode. Two years later, he retold Johnny’s story, this time from the perspective of his mother, who bought him his guitar and his bus ticket to Hollywood.

The Georgia Satellites thought it rocked, too.