Buy a Jetta, Get a Bike: The 1990s VW x Trek Collab

VW Trek Bike

VW Trek BikeBack in 1996, Volkswagen partnered with Trek bicycles, offering a special VW Jetta Trek edition that came with a Trek mountain bike and a roof rack to put it on. The following year, they also offered a VW Trek Golf. One of those bikes turned up at a charity bike store, and, although I’ve never owned a VW, I picked it up because, as it says on the frame, it’s a Limited Edition.

VW Trek Stem

The 1996 Jetta Trek Limited Edition Sedan started under $16,000 and came with either a five speed manual or four speed automatic. The VW Trek bike came with 21 speeds and custom seat, handgrips, and special graphics: a dude on a multi-colored rocket, orbiting the VW logo, and holding…something?

VW Trek Head Tube

Details on the bikes are a bit harder to find. The 1996 ones had a steel frame, but this one has an aluminum frame, which may be the 1997 version. The OCLV on the rocket stands for Trek’s patented carbon fiber, but it’s unlikely that there’s any of it on this bike. A few parts had been replaced in the past twenty years, including the saddle (which also would have had that rocket boy logo), but it still has the original VW hand grips.

VW Trek Hand Grip

It’s definitely in better shape than some of the Trek Edition automobiles out there: Junkyard Gem.

Update: It’s 2022, and someone is selling a never-used VW Trek bike and branded gear in NJ.

Still on the lookout for a Jetta Shepherd edition, though:


        1. Hi I have one of the Volkswagen bikes in excellent condition do you know about how much they would retail for online

    1. I have a 1996 or 98 if interested email me and pleases put Trek and tulli rack in the subject line.

      I have the bike and the rack and all the keys. I have an additional tulli bike mount I bought after but within a year. The rack is almost mint the bike I used but it should clean up nice. No damage I dis all preventable maintaince so everything works, yes even the origonal hex wrench is in almost or mint condition.
      Thanks, Jack

    2. I also have a all original bike only thing not original are the tubes and tires . Everything else is oem. I would sell mine if you are x still interested?



    3. Hello, I have this bike and would like to sell , looking to sell it but I’m in Ca. Open to offers . We could check the shipping cost . Thanks. John

    4. I have 1 I’d sell in good shape someone added yellow accessories but it looks good not the yellow tires tho email me at above

  1. tom
    I have the bike in mint condition and it is looking for its mate to ride ,right.the orginal tires are perfect.
    what say yee?

    1. Anybody else notice that the bike has 24 speeds? I paid $300 for mine. I have also bought similar bikes for $25. It’s whatever the market will bear at this point.

      1. Sorry, never got the notification on your reply. 290K on the car, and much less on the bike. It took me a while before I got into mountain biking, and after a few years on the Trek Jetta, I got a bike with suspension. Starting to think about selling the Car/bike/rack.

  2. I need parts for that 96 trek bike rack. I need the tire dishes with the strap. Does the rack have a model name? Can’t find parts for this thing.

    1. I have a rack that came with the 96 Jetta , new in box. Never used it. No longer have the car and still have the bike and rack. Are you interested in the rack?

  3. How much are these bikes going for? I still have my 1996 one with OEM parts, but now I have 4 others in my garage, and Im not sure if my sentimental value fits in there.

    1. I’ve seen asking prices as high as $700, though I’d be surprised if anyone paid more than a few hundred dollars for one.

      1. Hi Kyle
        I have a bike,the bike ,it is is mint condition with very new like tires and it is the aluminum bike.Please call at 5085263953, Down sizing.

  4. I have a mint Trek Jetta limited edition bike, all original, except the seat (a few tears in the vinyl). i interested, or want pictures, please reach out. 519-372-8944. Thanks

  5. Remember when Volkswagen and Trek Mountain Bike Had a deal for free Trek bike and rack with the Jetta in 1996.. I have the Trek Mountain Bike Limited Edition, light weight frame for sale. It is in mint condition and has been in storage as i Have downsized. It is a great ride! { here in central Illinois} Great for college student.

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