Select Archaeology Books Available for Free Download from Springer

Edit: Or not. Either it was a glitch on Springer’s part, or an extremely short term offer. The books no longer appear to be free. It was nice while it lasted.

Springer has made a big chunk of its catalog of archaeology and other scientific and technical books freely available for download. There are almost 400 archaeology and anthropology books available, including Dent’s Chesapeake Prehistory, Odell’s Lithic Analysis, most/all volumes of the Encyclopedia of Prehistory, and many more. Titles include underwater archaeology, geoarchaeology, historical archaeology, and biological anthropology. See the books at Springer.


  1. Hello, I’m an archaeology student in Brazil, and due to lack of good information (really, a very large lack) in my language (portuguese), i decided to focus on the real knowledge is been made: english-based speaking countries. So, i’m here to ask for books in english, Spanish or french about archaeology. Please help me! a very big thanks. obs: websites that i can download are welcome as well.
    my e-mail:

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