Maintaining the Lamoka Lake Site

Protecting archaeological sites that have been preserved by the Archaeological Conservancy requires regular inspection and maintenance. The Lamoka Lake site is still mowed seasonally, as it has been for years. See their website for more on how they maintain their other New York sites.

Lamoka Lake site being mowed. Summer 2015. Source: The Archaeological Conservancy


  1. Hello. We live right next to the Lamoka site. We have 90 plus acres 5 miles away. There are around 30 rock cairns, a half mile of stone pile walls, 30 feet across, a strange “Y” shaped stone pile wall 100 yards long and some other odd things done with stone and earth. We are still finding more. We have also found one small 10 foot diameter earth mound. Some Lamoka points and an adze have been found there. We don’t think this work was all done from 1800 to mid 1900s. We would like a professional opinion as to what this is. We have an annual vintage motorcycle race there and have damaged some features before becoming aware of what they might be, but these will be restored. You are welcome to come and see it all. There are very nice trails to most of the cairns scattered through the woods.

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