Keeping a Toyota Tacoma Running

After selling an 80s-era Toyota pickup, it makes sense to replace it with an early 2000s Toyota Tacoma. Jalopnik on Here’s What It Cost To Make A Cheap Toyota Tacoma As Reliable As Everyone Thinks It Is.


Step by Step Fixing (and Flipping) a 1988 Toyota Pickup


1988 Toyota Pickup
1988 Toyota Pickup. Source: Jalopnik

Starting to look like old Toyota Pickups are the next Ford Bronco. Peter Monshizadeh on Jalopnik:

Here’s Exactly What It Cost To Buy And Repair An Old Toyota Pickup Truck

Check out that 4×4, indeed.


Customizing a 2016 Tacoma

“Tacomas are well-documented to last 300,000-plus miles of hard driving”

A 2016 Toyota Tacoma DoubleCab for the backcountry: Tool of the Trade

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OMG the next Toyota Tacoma comes with a snorkel

2019 Toyota Tacom TRD Pro. Source: Toyota

Toyota calls it a Desert Air Intake, but it’s a snorkel. Only available on the top of the line 2019 TRD Pro. As Toyota says:

The most eye-catching of the Tacoma upgrades, no doubt, is the available all-new TRD Desert Air Intake. Designed to sustain consistent off-road performance no matter how silty or dirty the terrain gets, the TRD Desert Air Intake takes the 278-horsepower 3.5L V6 engine’s air intake away from dust that hovers inside the wheel well (where traditional air intakes are located) during off-road operation. This allows for air ingestion to occur in a cleaner space above the windshield, therefore, helping to benefit filter longevity and, ultimately, engine health.

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. Source: Toyota
2019 Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner, Tundra, and Tacoma. Source: Toyota



Lamoka Lake

Boat Launch Goes Awry at Lamoka Lake

Man going fishing at Lamoka Lake accidentally backs his truck into the water, wife gets the video, news report follows: Fishing trip gone wrong for Tioga County fire chief


International Scout: The Encyclopedia

1976 IH Scout II
1976 International Scout II. Source:

So two guys wrote an encyclopedia about International Harvester’s Scout SUV/truck/jeep competitor and it’s 384 pages long. On of those guys is 4WD historian Jim Allen, and the other is John Glancy, a Scout collector who also owns the rights to the Scout name (?!?).

The book is International Scout Encyclopedia: The Authoritative Guide to IH’s Legendary 4×4   More on the book here.

International Scout



Old Willys Jeep in New Jersey

Willys/Jeep in New Jersey
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1980s Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser
This vintage Toyota Land Cruiser spotted on the Eastern Shore of Virginia looks like a late 1980s FJ62. Two-tone blue, snorkeled, and aside from the mismatched wheels, not bad looking.Toyota Land Cruiser



Another Person Thinks the Toyota Tacoma is a Great Overlander

Yet another person concludes that the Toyota Tacoma QuadCab pickup truck is the best (new) vehicle for overlanding.

The Tacoma has been the gold standard for people who want a small off road truck for decades and while the “all new” model leaves a little to be desired in terms of keeping up with the new and strong competition as a whole, its missions specific dominance remains unchallenged. The Tacoma is right blend of capability and cost for maximum value to the overland traveler

2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD OffRoad QuadCab. Source: Toyota
2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD OffRoad QuadCab. Source: Toyota

New Luxury Rooftop Tent for Toyotas

So this looks interesting. And expensive. Have to wait a week to see just how expensive, though, as prices haven’t been released yet. AT Overland’s new Tacoma Habitat, an aluminum composite camper shell/rooftop tent, fits on a five-foot truck, is 15 feet long when open, and won’t make your Toyota pop a wheelie when you put 600 pounds on the mattress in the overhanging part.

Tacoma Habitat camper shell/tent
Tacoma Habitat by AT Overland, open.
Tacoma camper shell/tent
Tacoma Habitat by AT Overland, closed


More details at Adventure Trailers.