G-Shocks, Resin Rot, and Avoiding an Obsession

Browsing a garage sale, I examined a plastic bag full of watches. It was mostly junky stuff, including a lightweight piece that said “Rolex” on it, but there was also one Casio G-Shock.

Before it all fell apart. Casio G-Shock DW6800. Source: TCM

Not that I needed another watch, but I had been casually looking at new Casio G-Shocks, which have a reputation for toughness at affordable prices. This one, however, had been sitting in the sun all morning and when I picked it up, the plasticky looking watch felt like it was melting. I ended up paying a dollar for it, the price helped by the fact that the bezel surrounding the watch face cracked in my hand while talking with the seller.

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Leatherman Bracelet “as stylish as it is functional”

Inspired by a bad experience at Disneyland (no, nothing to do with measles), Leatherman will introduce the Tread, a combination bracelet and set of tools. The bracelet is customizable and you can mix and match the usual assortment of screwdrivers, wrenches, and so on. An actual watch face will be available later. Coming this summer for around $150.

Leatherman Tread. Source: Leatherman.com