Cadwalader Park’s Abandoned Animal Paddocks

Animal barn
aerial view of animal barns
Source: TCM

Frederick Law Olmstead did not want a zoo in the park he designed for the city of Trenton, but Trenton gave the people what they wanted anyway. These barns were added later and housed exotic deer and other animals into the 21st century. Recent work has restored the natural areas, but the abandoned and decaying animal barns remain in place for now.

Animal barn
Source: TCM
Animal barn
Source: TCM
e-bike by a stream
You bet the RadMini was there. Source: TCM

To see what this area looks like in the summer, see Cadwalader Park Natural Area.


  1. Greetings Lamoka,
    Your pictures of Trenton, Stacy Park, Cadwalder Park and Shaky Bridge among others
    bring back wonderful memories of my childhood and youth. I lived along Trenton Water
    Power Canal and left Trenton in 1961 to go to California. (A long story)
    Who are you?
    Thanks for the pictures, updates and memories.
    Daniel Schwartz
    Retired Sociologist

    1. Thanks! I’m just another guy who lives in Trenton. I guess you know the Water Power Canal was filled in and turned into Route 29 many years ago. I’ll be posting more photos from around Trenton soon.

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